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  1. There we go, finished except from I printing out a palmtree and will add some grass.....Scale 1:75, model is 22cm in wide
  2. Still lots to do but this friday its deadline....to be continued....
  3. Your are right its under extruded, doesent matter much when it comeds to the floor because I will Tile them:)
  4. Pool area , windows, the basement I might skip. And then it’s time for textures. i have understood glue is a popular subject here. I would like try out superglue with spray accelerator
  5. When printing interior walls I keep them lower, otherwise it looks very narrow. idea later is to dress the floor with the blueprint floor layout drawing.
  6. I did as you said, thanx! The scale I don't know in this case or haven't checked, I print maximum size UM2 allows me to:)
  7. Hi guys! I am not completely new in 3D printing, bought my Ultimaker2 couple of years ago and its been unused for a year until now. What I learned is many things by that and one thing is that open PLA filament ageing! the xy steelarms needed to have some oil but then everything was up and spinning again. I printing scale model of a new built villa. 33 more to go! One of them I du in the maximum size printer allows me to. I just drop the parts in Cura and Print. Remember if you have several of parts to print make a reference frame to with each part. otherwise I noticed that scale
  8. typical case, a staircase for a scale model villa. a bit tricky to figure out the plan to assemble it but work fine.
  9. Thanx for clear answer and with this I think I can with some maths figure it out:) / Daniel
  10. I started of doing prototypes of furniture with mostly reason to understand the printing process and how to create files. Now I print models of house projects for developers showroom.
  11. I use Ultimaker 2, lets see if I upgrade one day. I bought more to be able to understand how to create the files more than do the actual print.
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