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  1. I've been experimenting, and it doesn't appear to be any of the issues mentioned in your first two paragraphs, and the z drivers don't reachn unreasonable temperature, and pointing a fan at them doesn't seem to have had any effect. I don't currently have the ability to change motor currents, annoyingly. Travel between two points however does appear to be causing issues. Whether or not retraction is on doesn't appear to affect anything, but modifying the object in the pictures attached to remove unnecessarily long travels has significantly reduced the issue, but not removed it. I'm
  2. Yup, X and y belt tensions are fine, no play. There's no difference when I print slower unfortunately.
  3. I have issues with underextruded layers appearing in my prints. It's not the same layer between different objects being printed, but if the same object is beng printed, the underextruded layer will appear in the same place every time. This carries across different slicer settings and scaling of the object, for example the cube in the picture has been printed multiple times at different scales and settings, and also has had STL fixes applied to it, but the underextruded layer near the top always appears. The Z lead screw has been cleaned, and no motors appear to get excessively hot during print
  4. Okeydoke, shall do. Thanks very much for your help!
  5. I haven't seen anything that should be blocking extrusion, and the z axis seems smooth. Thanks again
  6. Thanks very much! I'm using a TronXY X1, right now my profile is saying I can't edit it. I've tried lubricating the z screw, which made a slight improvement, but didn't fix the issue. It seems possible it's underextrusion from watching the print, but I have no idea why it's so localised, or how to fix it.
  7. Every time I try a print, it misses the exactly the same layers, all in the same region. It has been sliced with different settings, and different versions of Cura. Has anyone got any ideas for what could be causing the missing layers?
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