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  1. Thanks! Found it. Though, it did not have the default profiles. Just ones that I previously created.
  2. Oh, it seems that I can't even save profiles.
  3. is there a way to go back to the old version of the app please?
  4. Sigh. I should've come to the forum before updating... I lost all my profiles. Help!
  5. Help! I just changed my printcores and back (AA0.4-AA0.8) to AA0.4-BB0.4) and back to the previous combo. The default print profile settings are now gone. Can someone please share a screenshot of their print profile settings (Fast to Fine) so I can add it manually? Also, do you have a recommended profile for 0.8 printcore and 0.25 printcores? Thanks!
  6. The fan/hinge of my printer keeps on dropping sometimes dislodging the prints and creating a fine blob of a mess. Today, I left it to print and came back with a blob and a disconnected wire. I got my printer in May 2018 from 3dgbire.com How do I fix this? Thank you.
  7. I started having this problem with my UM3E+ after the latest updates. What should I do?
  8. whoa! that looks nice.. are you in London? I want to pick your brain 😂
  9. I didn't use glue. I just gaffer taped my fabric. I am testing out thicker fabrics since that's what I use a lot for my crafts. As for shiny top layers, I print them front side down.
  10. yay! It was a pain to hold the fabric. my clips are either too big or too small. 😞
  11. Anyone tried printing with the rPET filament? Does it even work with Ultimaker?
  12. I am trying to print a vase from a solid file. My infill is set to zero as well as the top layer. How can I make the inside of the vase smooth instead of having thin webs?
  13. that is so cool!. I'm digging out my tulle 🙂
  14. It looks like he is using Tulle fabric.
  15. wow! that looks good! I haven't had the time to try fabric printing yet as was busy fulfilling orders.
  16. I need that 😛 Those prime blobs that get drag around are the bane of my prints and printcore.
  17. Nothing changed. Printcore 2 is a AA0.25 but Printcore 1 is AA0.4
  18. After the recent update, only Fine protected profile is left on my Cura. Any idea how to fix this?
  19. Fixed it, machine is now working with backup printcore. I do not have the luxury of sending my machine up to be fixed when the problem is just the printcore specially with my fundraising for ZSL in full swing. The filament oozed up and into there and hardened like a rock...Since Printcore is already non-responsive (tried the atomic method shown in the support pages first), I had to use my heat gun to slowly melt and pull the filament off bit by painful little bit. Last bit was that part that's blocking the printcore into the printhead. I tried prying the filament off gently, but in
  20. The regular rPLA filaments prints well just like the others. The cosmic filaments have small particles in it sometime causing the printcore to clog up, need a fine needle to clear it up. So beware. Prints well though and it hardened nicely. Sorry, test piece is the varse for their #cosmicchallenge. I wanted to try winning some freebies 😛
  21. So my UM3e decided to play up again. The print failed and became a blob around Printcore 1 again. Print core 1 stopped responding, I tried turning up the temperature to melt some of the filament but alas, it stays cold and gives me that printcore error. Managed to take Printcore 2 off by increasing the temperature until the filament that's blocking it is melted. Not so perfect timing... Christmas shopping period is here 😕 I need to replenish my stock.
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