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  1. ORIGINALL, this was what I was trying for, and still prefer , but I cant seem to get it to print. it breaks up past 50%
  2. good to know. I am going to revert back to 3.2 (any guesstimates on when 3.4 will be out?) I didnt realize there was a problem.
  3. thanks, I am less worried about hitting a specific time, only the difference between what one guy said ".when I run that through the Makerbot Desktop slicer (0.3mm, 10% infill, 2 walls), I get 2hrs 46mins," its the difference in time that had me wondering if maybe I have incorrect settings. I also realize that my STL file is throw together quicky and quite probably could be more efficient, but I am so new at this, I dont know how to "fix" the file to be faster. Since I am using Cura, I thought maybe you smarter people would have insight.
  4. Good morning, So fair warning, I am totally new at this so, optimizing settings is way out of scope for me currently. Short version is, I am trying to model something in TINKERCAD, and then 3d-print it. I did everything I though I needed too, and Cura is reporting the print job will take 12 hours. someone over at Thingyverse said he loaded my STL and its reporting only 2 hours. so, without knowing more about what HE is doing, I am wondering if there is anything I am doing wrong (posted are my settings) I am using Ultimaker 3.3 and using a Anet A8. I wouldnt care too much if it was 2 vs 3 hours, but 2 vers 12 thats a lot! The design I am aiming for is to print an object that is 1" x 1" x 6" kind of like a baking tray, I want to print things inside the "tray" then pour in colored epoxy, and turn it on a lathe. I have seen it done successfully with simple lines., but I would like to make more complex shapes. so I have a few questions: 1 - are my settings ok? and is it just because of what I did in the model? 2 - is there a better way to "fill in the gaps? I basically placed all the hearts and just dropped blocks around it to fill it in. then grouped them. I am looking for any and all recommendation and help. new_heart.stl
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