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  1. thanks it works however it is very limited in resolution. most slicers make 1000 to 2000 slices but slicer for fusion limits to 100 maybe as high as 150. i found a way around that limitation by saving bigger slices say 1 inch thick then then making 1 millimeter slices of each big slice. that is like segmenting a 100 meg zip file into 10 segments of 10 meg then segmenting each segment into 10 segments of 1 meg. the only downside i can see immediately is that some of the parts are small in the assembly viewer that it will not highlight the small p
  2. i saw a post at "https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/10485-export-sliced-layers-as-pdf/ where the slices are saved as images but above method requires snapping shots of the screen witch includes the grid and everything else on screen i am looking to do 3d models in paper by stacking. and was wondering if there are any programs that will save the outline of the slices as an image file so i can print them on paper and cut out with exacto knife. paper is cheap a ream of 500 sheets is $10 to $15 at local office store ink is cheap too i have refilla
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