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  1. Printer: CR-10 Mini Filament: Hatchbox PLA Problem: Cannot get Cura v4.x to match v3.6 print quality (v4.4 is the closest which is good news)- See Image. I have tried to match the settings/profiles as much as I can but maybe I'm missing something. Goal: Meet or exceed print quality of Cura v3.6 with the latest release of Cura (v4.#). v4.4 is closer but need help in how to improve further. I want to use the updated software as opposed to sticking with an outdated version. Background I had been using Cura 3.6 for quite awhile and felt like I was getting pretty good print. I'm using a CR-10 Mini and most of the settings were default with the exception of nozzle temp and bed temp. I then upgraded to 4.x at some point at which time my profiles didn't carry over. I in-turn "recreated" the profiles as best as I could. I recently started printing again more regularly and noticed my quality wasn't what it used to be (v4.2.1 vs v3.6). At one point I thought it may be the filament and that it had taken on moisture, however when I printed a gcode file created by v3.6 it printed fine. So next I updated to the 4.4 beta and while it did significantly improve there were areas that still were not as good as the v3.6. I have included a comparison of 3 pcs I have printed in the last 24 hrs using the same model and as close to the same settings as I'm capable of (essentially the default 0.2 draft PLA settings, only changes were nozzle temp of 205 and bed of 40). Interestingly I feel the base and spiral of v4.4 has the best quality and I am satisfied with it, however the horses head is still better on v3.6 because v4.4 has "bumpy" areas instead of smooth lines. While v4.4 is definitely improved over v4.2.1 in this area, I would like to try to get it back to the v3.6 level. That being said I'm at a loss as to what would be the cause of the "bumpy" lines and what settings to tweak to try to improve it. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. @ JCD, found the setting and that fixed it. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am very new to 3D printing (only had a printer for 3 days). I am using Cura 3.3.1 and while I don't have experience with other slicer's one thing I have noticed from parts I have made from Thingiverse is that the face patterns (top and bottom) are different, and to my eye much less desirable. What Cura 3.3.1 appears to do is trace the parimeter and then continue that patter until if fills the face, and in many cases the angle at which they come together is a small acute angle sometimes leaving "holes" or gaps. For example a xyz calibration cube I printed(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865), the Z (top) surface had visible gaps which after the print I confirmed it is actually present in the Cura sliced file. However when looking at others parts it appears the slicer generates the parameter and then fills in a continuous back and forth motion or what looks like a cross-hatch (for example the thingiverse linked cube, however it looks maybe under extruded). Some of the pictures I have seen that use this method is Cura, but older versions, ex 15. I prefer this look as I think it looks cleaner. That being said is there any way to change this in Cura 3.3.1? Thanks in advance for your input
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