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  1. I'm surprised we haven't received a response from cura.
  2. Thanks for the info. I thought it might be a USB problem but with your information it's not limited to USB. Thanks again.
  3. Are you saying you are having this trouble running your print from the SD Card?
  4. I see I'm not the only one with this problem. I created a post about this yesterday. I've also had it unload the filament mid print job. It seems so random. I went back to using v2.7 and it works fine. Mine is printing to a Mk2s via USB.
  5. I'm having some trouble with the latest Cura connected via USB to a Prusa Mk2s. It will stop at random points, sometimes restarting. The other day, it unloaded the filament and then started running again of course it wasn't extruding. When I drop back to Cura 2.7, it works perfectly. Any ideas?
  6. My print is actually a bit better than that now. I guess I should be happy with what I have. I may still do some tweaking tests and see if I can improve it.
  7. Thanks for this information. This was a big improvement in the print. It's not quite perfect but I don't know if I'll ever achieve that. The underextrusion look is now gone. The Z seam is all in the same place and It has a slight bump there. Any tweaks to make the z seam bump a little better or smaller?
  8. I've never uploaded a project before. Hope it's right. Test-Hood-cura331.curaproject.3mf
  9. I verified the "retract at layer change" is turned off in v3.3.1 and v2.7. Outer wall line width in both versions set the same at 0.4mm. Pulled up all the retraction settings in both versions and they are the same as far as I can tell. I'll have to check all the speeds.
  10. I printed these with v3.3.1 and it has flaws in the print. I tried two different color materials and both have this problem when using v3.3.1. When I switched to v2.7 it printed perfectly in both colors. The picture with the red and green, the red shows the flaws. On the picture of the two green parts, the full size is v2.7 and the short one is v3.3.1. You can see the same flaw in the short green as the tall red. What could the difference be in v3.3.1 or any ideas what is causing the problem. It looks like a retraction problem on the red part but I lowered the retraction from s
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