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  1. I'm printing with TPU95 on a UM3 using the default settings in Cura. The material oozes from the print head faster than it's being fed. The part has some small upward facing features and the oozing causes material to pile up in blobs when small the features are printed. Has anyone else had this problem? Would lowering the print head temperature help? By how much?
  2. I'm printing with an Ultimaker 3 using PLA in Extruder 1 and PVA in Extruder 2. Both types of filament show as the same color (grey) in Cura 4.1 preview. How can I make each filament a different color so they be distinguished? I looked in the Color Scheme menu and chose Material Color. Both extruders are checked.. The color indicators next to them are both orange. However there is no way to change the color and the color isn't used in the preview anyway.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good lead-free 0.4 mm nozzle/print head for UM3? It doesn't have to be abrasion resistant as it's mainly for PLA.
  4. It is pretty dry here. I'll try printing again at fine resolution without ever touch the machine while printing and see if I get a good print. It would be nice to print at fine resolution.
  5. I don't think I'm near any electrostatic discharging machines. It's in a quiet residential workshop. The screen wrapping always happened at the same time as a pause so they must be related. The wrap would clear after minute or two (during the same print job) only to reappear on the next pause. Could it be that a complex model is overflowing the processor's memory which is corrupting the display? I also noticed when I aborted the problematic print job, the display was even more fractured than just being wrapped. I shut the machine down and restarted to clear it.
  6. Thanks everyone! In my case it probably was that the model was too high poly . I tried importing it into Meshlab and it crashed Meshlab. It's a model I created in OnShape and exported in fine resolution. I exported in medium and coarse and they also crashed Meshlab! However a very similar fine resolution model has been successfully CNC milled by Protolabs I then slightly simplified my model (removed some fillets), exported it at medium and loaded it into Cura. I changed the layer thickness from 0.1 to 0.15. It's now almost finished printing without a problem. I'm
  7. I am also having this problem with my new UM3. I just updated the firmware and am using the most recent Cura with default settings. The head pauses randomly every few minutes for 5 to 10 seconds and extrudes a small lump of material at that spot. My models are small with quite a few features but don't seem excessively complex. I also notice that when the head pauses the display gets rotated horizontally so the right side is on the left and the left side on the right. The display corrects itself after a minute or two until another pause. Would a model being high poly
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