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  1. Got it figured out after SP1 was installed. Thanks for the links.
  2. Okay just found out I don't have SP1 installed. Doing that right now.
  3. It may be because it took me to what appeared to be an update page and I literally just updated before posting this question? That was one of the first recommendations I got when I tried to research this issue.
  4. I'm not sure how to check service pack but here's a screenshot of what I'm running. Windows 7, yes.
  5. I attempted a download from your link for the 64 bit windows 7 version and got a message instead saying "This update is not applicable to your computer", despite it being for the correct OS and bit version.
  6. Hello, For whatever reason I can get older versions of Cura (2.5 I think) to run on my laptop, but not any of the newer versions. I always get this message when i try to run it after downloading and installing. I tried redownloading it, uninstalling and reinstalling, but no cigar. I also tried with 3.2 and the 3.4 beta with the same issue. I'm running a fully updated version of windows 7 right now. If anyone else had this problem or has any ideas on how to fix this I'd appreciate it a lot. Thank you!
  7. I'm confused. I can't even see the Gcode itself in cura, so how am I supposed to modify it and then paste it back in? Sorry if this seems really basic. It's just something I know next to nothing about. Are you saying I should try to open the Gcode file directly with a text editor, like notepad or textedit? Also, I'm going to be without internet in the woods for the next 4 or 5 days so if I don't reply I'm not ignoring you.
  8. I am currently running a makerfarm pegasus if that makes a difference. The initial layer flow is a good idea. I should try that. If this doesn't work what method do you use for editing the Gcode? I don't have any software currently that will let me do that as far as I know. (I haven't even learned any basic Gcode commands to be quite frank.)
  9. Hello, I notice that despite having my endstop set lower, cura does not lower the z axis as far as it could go when printing the first later. This is a big problem because I don't get good adhesion whatsoever, nor an accurate base layer, which is essential for starting the print. If someone more experienced than me could tell as to why this is and how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a bit of a newbie to cura and really 3d printing as a whole. Thank you!
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