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  1. After leveling my printbed the typical way using a sheet of computer paper, I sometimes fine-tune by starting to print the object itself while adjusting the thumbscrew levelers on the fly. This allows me to micro-adjust the thickness of the material for the object I'm actually trying to print, insuring good coverage for that critical first layer. I usually add a decent-sized brim for the object I'm printing during this phase, so I get several passes around the object's "outline" to adjust the thumbscrews (whether the final print needs a brim or not). Then I print the object with or without th
  2. In an attempt to loosen the shape of the last dregs of filament on a tightly-wound roll, I unwound the last (15 or so percent) of it and took it off the spool completely. Then, keeping track of the ends so they wouldn't tangle, I manually counter-wound the filament such as to reverse it's tightly-wound shape. The filament fought back a bit, but when I got it to a larger overall size (or into a looser bunch), I tied the ends and the filament to the coil with zip ties to reinforce the new, looser and desired shape. Now, I'm putting it in the sun for several hours (~70-80 degree F w
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