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  1. Best of luck my friend! The Axiom is total junk. Is very sad that peeps have wasted so much money and time on them including myself!
  2. My only advice is to do as we did and sell that Airwolf Piece of junk and buy a Raise3d Pro2 printer. We did and it was the best thing ever. Amazing quality no matter what material. No more issues at all and great software! Airwolf is horrible, their customer service is horrible, their software is pathetic!
  3. I gave it a go the other day and couldn't get it to start right. Must be something with the starting code that is messed up. I'm hoping someone with more knowledge about this can help us Pro2 owners out with the Cura 3 as well. It's an awesome software. I wish Cura had the Pro2 profile built in. That would help, but it's probably not there since Raise3d decided to change the language the Pro2 uses from what everyone else uses.
  4. Well I finally got a portion of the normal starting script to work but it's not honoring most of it. It is not heating the first extruder as I have set. It Heat's the 2nd extruder in segments, first to it's resting temp. then to it's printing temp. Then Retracts filament and moves to Home. But then when it goes to to the auto leveling routine like it always does just fine, it crashes the nozzle into the bed and keeps pushing into it for some reason. The only thing I changed from my Simplify3D settings was the actual Heat Temperatures instead of their variables it was using before, and I changed T0 to T1 and T1 to T2 for the extruders because it looked like that's the numbering Cura was using. Please help if you can. Here's what I have for now... ;Axiom Dual Start Code M42 P6 S255 ;Turn lights on G21 ;Metric values G90 ;Absolute positioning M83 ;Set extruder to relative mode M140 S110 ;Preheat bed no wait M104 T1 S230 ;Heat primary no wait M104 T2 S225 ;Heat secondary no wait M117 Homing... ; Print message on LCD G28 X0 Y0 Z0 F300 ; Home all axes M117 Heating...; Print message on LCD Display M109 T1 S230 ;Wait for primary extruder to reach temperature M109 T2 S225 ;Wait for secondary extruder to reach temperature M117 Cleaning... ; Print message on LCD Display T1 ;Switch to primary nozzle G1 E-20 F150 ;Retract filament T2; Switch to secondary nozzle G1 E-20 F150 ; Retract filament G0 X20 Y226 Z0 F7000 ;Rapid transit to brushes G1 Z-2 F7000 ;Lower to brush level G1 X138 Y226 F2000 ;First pass across brushes G1 X40 Y230 F2000 ;Second pass back across brushes G1 X138 Y230 F2000 ;Third pass through brushes G1 X40 Y226 F2000 ;Fourth pass back through brushes G1 Z0 F5000 ;Raise above bed G28 X0 Y0 ;Home x and y M117 Auto-Level Probing...; Print message on LCD M204 S300 ;Set accel for probing M203 Z4 ;Set z max speed for probing G29 ;Airwolf Axiom Auto level routine M204 S3500 ;Set accel back to normal M203 Z20 ;Set z max back to limit G1 Z10 ;Raise nozzle up 10mm
  5. I'm still trying to get our Airwolf Axiom printers to work on the new Cura. Airwolf told me they will no longer support other software since they have their new Apex software which is very pathetic compared to many other brands out there. I'm very dissapointed and will never purchase another Airwolf product from them!!
  6. I have a couple Airwolf Axiom Dual printers and the Apex software that Airwolf has created, and is trying to force their customers to use is junk and that's the only software they will support now. I really want to run our printers on this new Cura software. We have Simplify3D but the new Cura 3.3.1 offers many more customization options and new features that I'm wanting to use. So I'm ready to switch to Cura now but I can't get a start up gcode to work on my printer from Cura. The problem is all of the old Cura profiles I had won't work with he new Cura. And the Simplify start code won't work with Cura either. So I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't even find the variables to call out in Cura for the Temperature of the extruders, bed, or any other features. Can someone please help with this as well? Thanks in advance!!
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