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  1. Adam324

    Cura 3.5 memory leak in Monitor

    I did disable the video stream in 3.6 and the leak still happens. It doesn’t appear to be the displaying of the video.
  2. Adam324

    Cura 3.5 memory leak in Monitor

    I still get the memory leak also in 3.5 and 3.6 with updated plugin (Windows 10 64bit, latest Microsoft updates). I just close Cura after I start a print so it doesn’t crash out or cause other apps to crash or not work when they starved for memory. With octolapse uninstalled, I don’t get the memory leak. 4.0 without octolapse has proven stable in memory too but I have a feeling once the plugin is released for that, the memory issues will come back. i submitted info on this thread or the other one and posted that I had a crash dump (forced through task manager) when memory was at an extreme, but I didn’t see a reply in the thread that anyone wanted to see it. I can do that again if needed. There should be a tool to view the crashdump and see what is taking up all the memory. I recall a utility like that a long time ago when I was doing dev work where I worked but it has been a long time ago and don’t remember any of it.
  3. Adam324

    Plugins for Cura 4.0 beta

    You rock! Thanks. I needed the Z-Offset. Excited to test 4.0.
  4. That worked. Thanks for taking the time to explain that. Google searching didn't turn up anything. It would be beneficial that if you set an abject to be a modifier of settings for that modifier object to then not snap to the build plate when you move it. I like the default for objects to snap to the build plate (Automatically drop models to the build plate) so that I don't forget to do that but it really doesn't make sense for modifiers to snap to the build plate in my experience so far. Right now ever time I move the modifier block it resnaps to the build plate unless I disable that setting. I have to disable the snap to buildplate when I use a modifier like this so that I can position it where I need and then remember to go back in and re-enable the snap to buildplate.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have been baffled trying to figure out where to 'Select the modifying cube', I don't see that anywhere in the GUI. Anyone know a youtube or article describing that? I am aware of multi-object settings but that is only enabled when there are multiple objects.
  6. Adam324

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    I was going to test this but it appears the Z-Offset plugin in the marketplace can not be enabled in 4.0.0 yet. I assume th plugin needs to be updated or maybe the marketplace just doesn't work yet. I depend on Z-Offset.
  7. I print some big objects that need to be sliced to fit on the build plate and then glued back together. The infill and outside walls are usually plenty to glue to. I try to use the no bottom layers feature but that has consequences for other areas of the object if the object has bottom layers further up on the object that need support. They don't get bottom layers either. It would be great to have an option to not print bottom layers only for parts that touch the build plate. I could then get no bottom layers on the build plate (infill and walls only) and still get bottom layers up higher that need support and then just glue my parts together.
  8. Adam324

    Cura 3.5 memory leak in Monitor

    I take that back. I just had the problem again today. It was up to 3.2 GBytes.
  9. Adam324

    Cura 3.5 memory leak in Monitor

    Make sure you update Octoprint in the plugins(Marketplace). Maybe it matters even if you don't use it but it is enabled. My main memory issue went away when I did that.
  10. Adam324

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    It is seems to be communicating with the printer through Octoprint. I can send another print when this is happening based on previous experience and the printer status updated when the print was done. I haven’t recorded memory usage for that scenario though.
  11. Adam324

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    Cura crashed yesterday night likely from memory issue. I did another test today and found out where memory starts climbing about 2MBytes in both private and commit memory until it consumes all memory. I created a manual Cura.DMP crash dump file (using task manager) before I quit the app if you want it. If you have a way to look at the crash dump, you might be able to see what memory is leaking. If you want the Cura.DMP file let me know. It is 2.7 GBytes and 1.8 GBytes in a compressed .zip file. Cura 3.6 beta with octoprint plugin enabled but with video/pic disabled so that it doesn't show video. Memory values are shown in MBytes Time Memory private/commit Description 9:25am 407/666 MBytes First launch 9:27am 406/665 Loaded large Snake https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1776785 9:28am 407/665 Sliced 9:30am 407/655 added post processing Pause at height (Octoprint) after layer 5 and sliced 9:31am 418/547 added post processing Pause at height (Octoprint) after layer 46 and sliced 9:44am 409/536 was sitting idle from 9:31am 9:45am 420/545 After sent/print to octoprint (Now in Monitor view) 9:55am 417/550 No interaction and sitting at Monitor view since 9:45am 12:12pm 142/633 No interaction and still sitting at Monitor view since 9:45am 1:28pm 164/700 No interaction and still sitting at Monitor view since 9:45am 1:35pm Switched to Prepare view (nothing else was done) ---- memory starts climbing about 2MBytes/sec from here in both private and commit memory 1:38pm 598/1050 3 minutes After I switched to prepare view 1:41pm 905/1425 6 minutes After I switched to prepare view 1:43pm 1232/1772 8 minutes After I switched to prepare view 1:45pm 1535/2070 10 minutes After I switched to prepare view 1:47pm 1720/2260 12 minutes After I switched to prepare view ---- Still continuing... it seem like it would keep going eventually consume all memory ---- I created a manual cura.dmp ---- Quit the app
  12. Adam324

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    Thanks. I didn't wait long enough the first time. It only showed uninstall but after a few seconds it shows update. I saw uninstall only the first time and just exited the window before update appeared. It will be interesting to see if the memory issue comes back.
  13. Adam324

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    I have been using the 3.6 beta and see no memory leak at all now. I have printed a few things and have left it running for a day now and it is still at 260MB private memory and 387MB Commit size. I noticed that Octoprint is disabled though. It shows as unchecked in the Marketplace/plugin but does show installed. If I check it and reboot it stays unchecked. I was always printing by sending it to Octoprint from Cura before using 3.6. It would be great to be able to test it with Octoprint again to see if the memory issue comes back.
  14. Adam324

    Cura 3.5 memory leak in Monitor

    After a few prints, It does seem that the big memory leak that occurred within a short amount of time of sending a print to Octoprint (5 to 10 minutes) is gone. There is still a long running memory leak that occurs in the 'Commit size' memory assigned to Cura but I am uncertain if that has been there before or not (I will have to test 3.4 sometime). After a few days of it still running, the private memory is at 199MB but the 'Commit size' is 3322MB. You have to enable the column for 'Commit size' memory in Task Manger under 'Details' tab. By default it is not shown so you might think it is only using 199MB but in reality it is using 3322MB plus 199MB. I bet this is why the extreme commit usage over time hasn't been detected yet.
  15. Adam324

    Trying to make an Infill-only 3D print

    Disable 'Connect Infill Lines'.

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