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  1. Has anyone though of having the ability to have more outer layers than inner layers? (Thickness wise) i.e. having the outer layer half as thin but twice the number. Similar to having infill layers that are twice as thick but half the number.
  2. Ok, looks like it does do what I'm suggesting. Because the help text for that feature says "The thickness PER LAYER of infill material" I was assuming they were just making each layer thicker or thinner and not varying the number of layers in proportion. GOOD TO KNOW. Edit: Works for support layers too with separate config. params.
  3. I see that setting but I don't believe it lets you print fewer infill layers, it just lets you print thicker ones. I want to double the thickness AND half the number of layers.
  4. Has anything ever been tried to create texture on the walls?
  5. I'm a noob here so perhaps this or something close has already been suggested. I was thinking for infill that the layer could be printed at double the thickness of the shells and then it would only have to be printed every other wall layer. Could speed things up a little. The infill doesn't have to be anywhere near the quality of the walls so printing it twice as thick could be just fine. While I'm thinking about it, maybe the option to print layers at changing thickness would give a different texture like look to the walls. The change might be each layer is a slightly di
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