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  1. This is a Tevo Tornado. Out of the box for a couple days. It has One Z-screw/rod. What would you suggest for new bearings, rods, coupler ?
  2. ok guys..my first Benchy(2nd attempt)! Please take a look and point any issues and Cura changes you can recommend to make look smoother. I'm new to this hobby and dont know what too look for or know limitations of printing. The only thing that catches my newb eyes are a couple lines that stick out more than others, going across the side. what causes this? The picture of the BAD benchy was printed before I got the hang of leveling the bed. Cura specs that I changed: Filament: PLA hatchbox Nozzle temp: 210 bed temp: 60 print speed: 60 layer height: 0.15 initial layer heigh
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