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  1. Ultimaker 2 Go 3d printer. £600 Comes boxed with upgrades and extras. Full heated bed upgrade Upgraded power supply (for heated bed) Olsen block upgrade. Added aluminium build plate as well as glass. Running latest Tinkergnome firmware. (For heated bed) In very good working order. UM3. £2000 Boxed no upgrades. 2 cores, 1 x (AA 0.4) 1 x (BB 0.4) Spare Print Head 1 x reel of pvc on NFC Reel 1 x spare NFC pla reel. In very good working order.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. One of my um2+’s has stopped powering up. After a close look at the motherboard a resister L1 seems to have blown (picture attached). I do get one green led on. Does anyone know if this can be replaced or is there a work around? Or do I need to rob a bank and replace the board. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok I started thinking out of the box. I installed Ultimaker 2 firmware and then 2+. Then a factory reset. It now works as it it should. I'm thinking this was once an Ultimaker 2 with an official + upgrade. Thank you guys for all your help.
  4. I did indeed have the wrong motor fitted. I replaced the motor with the correct one but the problem still exists. Any other ideas?
  5. Looking that way. I'll report back as soon as I get the chance to switch it over.
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