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  1. Ultimaker 2 Go 3d printer. £600 Comes boxed with upgrades and extras. Full heated bed upgrade Upgraded power supply (for heated bed) Olsen block upgrade. Added aluminium build plate as well as glass. Running latest Tinkergnome firmware. (For heated bed) In very good working order. UM3. £2000 Boxed no upgrades. 2 cores, 1 x (AA 0.4) 1 x (BB 0.4) Spare Print Head 1 x reel of pvc on NFC Reel 1 x spare NFC pla reel. In very good working order.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. One of my um2+’s has stopped powering up. After a close look at the motherboard a resister L1 seems to have blown (picture attached). I do get one green led on. Does anyone know if this can be replaced or is there a work around? Or do I need to rob a bank and replace the board. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok I started thinking out of the box. I installed Ultimaker 2 firmware and then 2+. Then a factory reset. It now works as it it should. I'm thinking this was once an Ultimaker 2 with an official + upgrade. Thank you guys for all your help.
  4. I did indeed have the wrong motor fitted. I replaced the motor with the correct one but the problem still exists. Any other ideas?
  5. Looking that way. I'll report back as soon as I get the chance to switch it over.
  6. Did a test print, and the print was perfect. It's just the changing of material that now has this weird problem.
  7. I used Cura to send some G-code to the printer to calculate E-steps. I found that after extruding 100mm in extruded exactly half (50mm) So I set the E-steps value to 738 double the preset value and the filament now looks like it will move the entire length of the bowden tube but the motor seems to be having issues. It makes a whirring sound and the filament skips as its being moved up the tube. I vaguely read somewhere about the motor settings needing changing after the e-steps value being altered but I can't for the life of me find it again.
  8. Tried but no luck. Could the E-steps be stored somewhere the reset isn't touching?
  9. Yes the correct firmware was used. I thought a long the same lines with the feeder possibly being the issue but I fitted it to another machine running stock firmware and all seems to be working fine. Its very confusing. I've even tried a new motor to see if that was the problem but always the same outcome. Thank you for your help though
  10. Thank you Smithy, I have also tried that but that didn't do the trick either.
  11. Hi guys, hoping for a little help. I have an Ultimaker 2 and and Ultimaker 2+ among several others. I wanted to test out some different feeders. I installed Tinkergnomes Firmware to be able to alter the E-steps as each feeder I tried had a different gear ratio. This all worked well except I found the firmware to be too glitchy even after a factory reset before changing the firmware over. Material starting reversing half way through a print. So I decided to switch back to the original feeder and original firmware. Factory reset and installed the original firmware. Now when going through setup the material does not make it from the feeder to the print head, it only gets half way. I tied manually moving the material to the head and testing a print but it is obvious that the E-steps are wrong unless there is something else going on here. Is there a way of resetting the E-steps separately or is a factory reset supposed to do that? This is the same for the 2 and 2+, I have an Extended 2 and Extended 2+ I haven't attempted to put back to factory yet until I succeed with these two first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I'm glad your issue is solved too.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I too thought it may have been the wrong firmware after reading another forum post but that wasn't the issue. The build plate looked like it was trying to move around 4 -5 cm beyond the Nozzle before grinding and moving back down. I've managed to getting working again but I think by pure fluke. I reset back to factory settings. Then Removed the printer from Cura and added it back in again. Once that was done I ran the firmware update through Cura. This seems to have done the job. I hope this works for you too Thomaage.
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