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  1. Newbie here with a newbie question: The short version of the question is: If the UM3 build volume is sufficient for our needs, is there any reason to consider the S5? The longer version goes like this: I am working on a project that will include making 3D prints that are roughly disk shaped and about 7" in diameter. The convex side of the disk will have decorative elements on them. (Sort of along the lines of a bas relief sculptures.) The prints will then be investment cast in aluminum. Our current line of testing is based on printing using some sort of "burn out able" filament (eg, PolyCast from Polymaker, or equivalent). We want to minimize the amount of hand work/finishing required on the prints, as this project is targeting medium scale production and unit cost is a factor. With that in mind, our primary objective is maximum surface finish quality. So, another way of asking the question is: Does the S5 offer any benefits in terms of either surface finish quality or print speed that would justify the additional cost relative to a UM3 for our application? Thanks in advance for any information/guidance you might be able to offer.
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