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  1. Thanks so much for your input! It helped a lot.
  2. While observing my print I noticed that my extruder 2, which holds PVA, continues to "print", but nothing is coming out. All the while Extruder 1 is printing just fine. I begin to think it was a tiny glitch and that the print would self correct, but the PVA material completely stopped extruding even though the Bowden tubes were full of the material. After ending the print I realized that the PVA material broke inside of the feeder which is strange because it had never done that with my previous prints. Can anyone explain why this is happening?
  3. Upon trying to print something a little harder than the Ultibot, (gyro by vitrox), my Ultimaker 3 is running into some problems. The PVA is not adhering to the print plate and during the start of the printing cycle the extruder for PVA (print core 2) deposits so much PVA material around the print core that it forms a mass or ends up dragging the material around as it tries to print. Can anyone help with this problem?
  4. I ran into a technical problem upon making my first print with the Ultimaker3. After the completion and removal of the print, I placed the Ultibot in water for the PVA to dissolve. Once the PVA was fully dissolved I noticed the back of the Ultibot was not properly filled in. There were no error messages while printing and the machine seemed to run smoothly. I am asking for help in figuring out why my printer did not fully fill in the back of my print even though the rest of the print was made correctly. I will attach a few images of my problems. Thank you!
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