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  1. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hello Yes you were right. For some reason I messed up in Solidworks. Anyway I Started printing but I have some problems with the build plate adesion. At half way of the printing process it messes up as it lifts form the build plate. I tried to put some glue and even increase a bit the buildplate temperature, unsuccessfully. Suggestions? Thanks
  2. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hi Thank you for your reply. Actually the support is 0.5mm thick. I don't know why it doesn't recognize it.
  3. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hello guys! I think I have a problem with cura. IN attachment the stl am trying to print (spiral plus support). For some reason when I save the gcode and I use the layer vision in cura, it doesn't recognize the support and prints only the spring. Indeed when I tried to print it out it was a mess, and I set the automatic support from Cura. Have you guys ever had this problem? The file comes out an assembly of the two parts made in Solidworks Any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Thank you Spiral_assembly.STL
  4. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hi guys I put in attachment the stl of what I am going to print. As you suggested I draw a support for it, but I am not sure if it will work. I tried to upload the solidworks file but I didn't realized it is not supported. Any comment will be very much appreciated. Spiral 1.STL
  5. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Sure I will. Thanks
  6. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hi gr5, I am sorry you thought I was not interested in your replies. Actually they have all been very useful. I have seen them through the emails notifications without logging in. I am sorry guys, I am just new in the community and I don't log in very often. However, I am trying to start printing soon. Unfortunately we only have few machines and I have to book it. So I have a little bit to wait. Therefore there is going to be some time between one access and the other, since I am not doing this full time. But I keep track of all the suggestions. Thank you very much all.
  7. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    PLA to start.
  8. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hi guys , Thank you very much for all your answers. I'll try to follow all your advices. You have all been very helpful. I will share the result of the printing experiments once it's done. FInger crossed
  9. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    I have a UT2 Ext.
  10. Brunella

    Need help printing a spring

    Hello guys. I need to try printing a spiral/spring with my ultimaker. I have no problem in drawing the model in solidworks, but I was wondering if anybody has done this before and can give some advices on the printer settings. The diameter of the spiral will be roughly 50mm and 80mm high. Any suggestions? Thank you

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