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  1. yes where do i find it What is the path? thank you..
  2. Thank you were do i find the generated gcode i dont see it in the printers/machine settings..
  3. Hi Is there a way to have cura gcode ironing at different layer heights.. I want it to iron layer height 15 and 35.. Right now i change color at layer 16 and 36 so i want 15 a35 ironed.. thank you..
  4. My print was doing great then the last layer of the face goes different ways, anyone know why? In cura it does not show that when viewing the last layer of the face. You can see the different line directions in the photo that the last layer..
  5. One more question please.. So 2 times i tried to print this 4 hours each time, those are supports in the center and there is a cover on the top with a logo (never got that far with the top and logo) , but when it starts to print on top of the supports it does not stick supports are to soft. Do i use support density to make the supports harder and what is roof support option for? thank you
  6. Hi My cura was filling in like in photo 1 now the fill is like photo 2 how do i change back to fill option 1 please? thank you
  7. When I use the gcode to pause at height or change filament it does not start were the print left off one time the nozzle dugg in to the print the other time it was off to the side just random printing, How do i make it start to print were it left off after changing filament or pause at height? thank you
  8. Hi Been trying and trying to get my model to lay flat, anyone please got any advice? It does not snap even on the bed. thank you.
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