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  1. Great, thank you for that. I saw a lot of Python scripts in ~/.local/ for Cura and I was going to start experimenting with the script in there later but you saved me the trouble.
  2. I'm running Linux, but the directories are similar, although I don't have a PostProccessingPlugin directory anywhere. I put your script into /usr/share/cura/plugins/, made it executable, then launched Cura and the script didn't show up. So I'll keep working on it to see what I can make happen. Thank you for your help.
  3. Here's my start g-code: G21; Metric values G90; Absolute positioning M107; Fan off G28; Home the printer G92 E0; Zero the extruder G0 E4 F500; Extrude 4mm to prime nozzle The only time I have an outright Z1 movement is at the end, and it's in relative mode at that point. None of the g-code I looked at has a Z15 movement, other than the Pause at Height change on 2 models. So I'm at a loss. Where do I place the modified script? I ran a search and found pauseAtZ.py and tweakAtZ.py but don't see the other 6 post-processing scripts listed in Cur
  4. Can someone please help me understand what Pause at Height is doing? I looked at code that it modifies to pause at height, I see several changes in the Z height that make no sense to me. The third command added is G1 F300 Z1, the fifth command it G1 F300 Z15, and the thirteenth command is G1 F300 Z1. If the height of my model at the time of change is tall enough, the X axis gantry will just crush my model. I tried the script on a tall model and selected a much higher layer to change and I got the same results. My searches only came up with posts about Pause at Height, nothing I saw about these
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