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  1. Hi fbrc8-erin, I checked the fan today and the fan seems to be working. Went ahead and did a factory setting just to make sure there was no change in the fan. This is what the first layer looks like:
  2. Yes, It is a Ultimaker 2 Extended
  3. Hi all, Was printing a 27 hour piece for work and I came back to the piece being a mess of extreme curling at the edge and spaghetti PLA everywhere (picture 1) while the nozzle was still moving with no extrusion. I realized by googling that the feeder was grounding down the filament (picture 2) so I followed the steps to release all the tension (indicator is all the way to the top). Next I re-feed the PLA and start the print once again. This time it prints the first layer and quits extruding. I googled once again how to unclog and follow the Atomic method and the filament flows ni
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