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  1. i am having trouble printing cylindrical objects with the curved side down. the support does not meet the object and allows the edges to curl up
  2. Thanks I still got a lot to learn :)
  3. Beautiful Thanks Can you think of a time when you would not use this?
  4. Can someone help me understand, if possible, how to control the print order. Suppose you have a square flat fixture that has 3 holes. After using Cura with mostly default settings the printer would print 1 shell layer at hole 1 then move to hole 2 and print 1 layer then move to hole 3 and print 1 layer then print one layer of the parameter and start over at hole 1. Would it not be more efficient to all shell layers at each hole before moving on? Can this be controlled in Cura? If I can control it should I?
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