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  1. I could agree to the above the concerns. Thanks to @ahoeben, the unzipping the installatiuon file worked. So my problem is resolved. Thanks for the comments and ideas.
  2. Hey Ultimaker, I'm a doctoral student working on 3D printing and smart materials at a polymer research institute. I would like to make a small suggestion, as Cura is releasing updates in almost every 2 months, it gets too hectic to download each new version and perform the administrator installation, as I'm working in a research institute, each time when we have to install a software, we have to get the assistance from IT department to get it installed, due to the IT safety rules. I hope many people who are using the software in the industry or professional department come across such an issue. So could you make it so, that one could agree or disagree for the software to download the new version automatically in the software and the updating or copying the new version occurs automatically by copying particular files to the particular part of the software location and update the software by it itself, with the consent of the user and not the administrator rights? And when one doesn't want the new software or particular version they can download it from your website and uncheck from the automatic version updates. I hope this would help lots of people who are working in the Industry and other institution.  That's it for now. Signing off Dilip Chalissery
  3. I would like to print with different materials. In the case of increasing the extruder, which increases the weight of it, I would suggest that, let it uses the same system as Ultimaker 3, but each extruder gets two Bowden tube which may get connected with a "y" connector to the extruder, for example, where, when the 1st material is printed for the layer, the filament is retracted to above the y connector and the next filament advances to the extruder to print with the next filament, same case for other extruders. So, the speed and weight of the printhead remains the same and also gets 4 materials with the same printer.
  4. Hey Ultimaker makers, I was wondering about the next Ultimaker printer, I would be happy to see if the 3D printer can print 4 or more materials at a print. Maybe with 2 two or 4 print heads or fast interchangeable print heads. The slicing profile for 0.1, 0.15, and 0.2 mm diameter nozzle would also be appreciated. An autofocus camera too (if I'm not too greedy? ). That's it for now. Signing off Dilip Chalissery
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