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  1. For some reason my 0.4mm nozzle seems to not be able to print anything at all. When the print begins and the printer pushes out its initial bit of material before the start of the print, the material just curls up outside of the nozzle. Then, when the print actually begins (the brim), it does not stick at all to the print bed. I am using standard black PLA printing at 210C. I'm using a glass build plate and have tried leveling the build plate multiple times. Should I be printing this hotter? I am used to printing with the 0.8mm nozzle and have been also printing with the 0.6mm nozzle, however,
  2. I'll be printing a lot of these objects throughout the summer as it is part of my research. I am not only going to be using ABS/PLA, eventually I'll be using a custom made filament made from polyurethane. I'll try printing this a few times without support and just slow it down a lot with full cooling on and if that doesn't work I'll try with supports. I was wondering if someone had an opinion on what type of support I should be using, whether it be zig-zag or triangles and if I should be using the support interface. Thanks for the help so far.
  3. I am trying to print a very small, very thin spiraling object. It is basically a model heart stent but I do not know how to go about printing the spiral upwards. I am using solidworks to model the object and cura to slice it. I want to know if there are any special settings or details I am overlooking that will make printing this object simpler. I have attached a STL file of the object I am trying to print. I am initially trying to print this object using normal black ABS. Thanks for any help or feedback. StentConfigurable_rev1.STL
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