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  1. Also I have not gotten a successful print yet because I keep having issues with my clear. I am talking about that issue in this forum:
  2. You are correct in that it is very hard to get clear specimens from a clear filament. I was wondering what pattern infill you used on those prints? I was just seeing if the print worked and at the time was not worried about the clarity of the part. It would be awesome to get a clear specimen though so if you have any other tips please share!
  3. I will have to give them a call. If speed was the problem wouldn't the first few layers be bad too?
  4. Thank you! I will mess around with it today. For the prints above the standby temperature was 180 C. I was watching the temperature because I had the same suspicion and there is no temperature difference when this is printing from its printing temperature. I am still going to try messing around with it though.
  5. I have been trying to print a duel color print on the Lulzbot Taz 6 with clear filament and green filament for a week and every single print I try the clear stops printing after a few layers. I can post some pictures down below. I do not know if this is a cura problem or a printer problem. I am using PLA filament with all the proper settings. The first few layers come out fantastic and then all the sudden it stops printing and seems as though there is a jam even when there isn't. I have noticed that it is only the clear filament. I have tried changing the temperature settings to be hotter and it did not change anything. Also I have noticed it is mainly the layers before the new color is introduced.
  6. Thank you! I think that was my problem! Printing now and I will let you know what happens!
  7. The left cylinder is one stl with holes in the middle of it and the right one is the same model but now 5 stl models of solid cylinders are merged into the part. I did not print like this it was purely to show the difference.
  8. I will also add pictures about my above post here. It is just weird because when I go into xray view it shows the holes in the part but when I go into layer view they are no longer there. The one on the left is without the solid cylinder inserts and the one on the left has the inserts that are separate parts.
  9. I have already used the volume subtraction feature in solidworks and there are supposed to be holes in the part. (pictured below) They are not showing up in cura. I will reload the part and just try to print it without the solids. Is there any other way to create different colors in parts that are completely encased or am I doing it the easiest way? The holes are in the main frame and then I made small cylinders that fit perfectly in the voids. Thank you for your fast reply!
  10. Hello all, I am new to Cura and am not sure if I am doing anything wrong, but when I slice my objects it seems as though there is multiple layers in one pass of the head. I am doing a 2 color print with a duel head. The print is of a cylinder than has other cylinders inside of it of a different color. The outer color of the cylinder is clear so it looks like the cylinders inside are floating. I took the time and made the part in Solidworks including the holes. I then made each individual little cylinder and manually placed them in the holes and merged them in cura. I thought this would work because of the existing holes in the model, but when I preview it is looks like the outer Cylinder does not have the holes and they are being passed over twice (Picture below).
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