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  1. Nice workaround! Thank you. It caused a paper conflict with CQRLog (Amateur Radio logging s/w that I use). The new lib works fine with CQRLog, but the package didn't know it, so I edited the .deb package for CQRLog, reinstalled it, and then I could use the libssl1.0-dev. Really, Utilimaker should be including that library in the package as that's kinda the point of appimage: That it doesn't rely on external libraries. This is a product issue and should be fixed by their release / packaging engineers.
  2. Running a user app with sudo is a big security risk, especially as this is a program that connects to the internet. I really love that Utilimaker makes this software available, particularly on Linux, but it really needs to be properly fixed by Utilimaker. Does anyone who works for Utilimaker frequent the forums? If so, is there any plan at all to address this major issue? I'd rather not move to other slicing software, but it's starting to look like I may need to do just that. ?
  3. I'm running Cura 3.4, using the AppPackage under Ubuntu Linux. I'm having the issue too. I can provide any log files, system info and such that are requested.
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