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  1. I made a settings profile JonasPLA that I wanted to share in a couple of facebook groups. People have issues importing it, getting this error message: "Could not find a quality type fast for the current configuration." I created a copy of the normal quality profile (or perhaps it was draft) and changed it to my tweaked settings. I was using the Custom fff printer machine profile in Cura 4.3.0 and I have told people to use the same version of Cura. It seems the profile only works if people use the custom fff profile as well.
  2. Some nice changes here. However, I am somewhat concerned about the "Flow per feature" feature. I suspect people will try to fix levelling or printer issues by changing these settings instead. Only giving them more issues with over or under extrusion in different parts. As a person who gives a lot of advice on how to slice with Cura, I often see suggestions in facebook groups that only hides the symptoms and not addresses the cause of an issue. Like "increase first layer flow" instead of reduce the distance between the bed and nozzle. Or "increase flow" instead of fixing a slipping extruder or printing at the correct temp. Not saying that we should never mask symptoms but if we don't know what we are doing, this could lead to more issues. Trying to troubleshoot a print where the poster has dabbled with different flow settings would also become more difficult. My suggestion is to add a carefully worded tool-tip to these settings, that tells the user to use them with caution or to check the hardware for issues first. Anyway, thanks for an excellent software!
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