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  1. I just finised some maintinance on my 3 ext. and when I when to put the door back on I found the upper hinge had a small piece missing. So now the door falls off. I am hoping there is an upper hinge STL file someone can share. Thanks, Jon
  2. I am looking for help with my UM3 extended. When the extruder moves on the x-axis I get a Grrrr sound coming from the corner with the x-axis stepper. After a x/y axis test I show a fail on the x. I have already checked the belt tention, it was good and I found noting bound up or rubbing. I took off the side, checked the bearing, it is free and smooth. I can turn the stepper by hand easy enough. I can feel the steps of the motor and it does not feel like it is sticking. I looked thru the menue for a way to just move the x-axis stepper but could not find one. Now I am looking for m
  3. gr5, Thanks for the advice. It was the axial fan. The fan was actually good, it had gotten some spider web size bits of filament rapped in the blades. After a bit of cleaning it went right to work. Thanks again.
  4. Looks like it may be the fan. I will replace it and try again.
  5. Just finished both Hot and Cold Pulls, the same thing happened. I even put in a new bowden tube. I will try a new hot end next, but I am not expecting a change. All suggestion are appreciated.
  6. I have started this part 4 times now and it does the same thing every time. The brim goes down like a champ and then when it starts the criss-cross pattern I start to see small bits of under extrusion. The spots get progressively worse until extrusion stops all together. I unload the filament, if I am lucky. Most of the time I have to take the extruder apart and reload. You can see in the other 3 attached pictures what I end up with. The hot end is always a little fatter with a bulge right at the spot where the filament leaves the bowden tube. The next two pictures show the filament where the
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