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  1. I dare say I fixed the problem. Changed the temperature from layer 2 onward to 220 with a first layer of 190. Will report back after printing another base.
  2. Factory File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rqu8jwuTrEMkgxxIzwpGQ24KbCo3pdC-/view?usp=sharing G-Code: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NVilEw1ACfKB-2LAGd5i8q9id3Eua7Os/view?usp=sharing Bottom layers and infill print fine. Only issue is the top layer(s) and walls. I've legit completely tore apart the UM2+ and rebuilt it because it was in very bad shape at the time. After MANY calibration prints and babystep adjustments I figured it was time to tighten the long and short belts because nothing helped. The cubes are arranged as oldest on the left, newest on the right. T
  3. Just wanted to add that I flashed Tinker Gnome and wow am I impressed. It took some fiddling around but I was able to get the material to stick to the plate (by using glue as suggested) and fixed extrusion problems after a few test runs for layer 1 only. It's crazy how a tiny little twist of the bed screws can overdo it or make it perfect. Y'all have been an awesome help (Much more so than Makerbot, also after seeing this beauty perform I'll make sure my university never buys another Makerbot, granted 4th gen and prior or fine imo) However, last Friday I completely reassembled the
  4. No, I didn't assemble it backwards. The printer says UM2 so I flashed UM2. Turns out it is a 2+ because it was upgraded but the previous owner didn't apply the new stickers. I was told by live chat the newest version of cura "remembers" what firmware you flashed, so it was actually flashing UM2 firmware every time even when selecting um2+. Deleting the cura folder in %appdata% and selecting UM2+ firmware fixed my problem.
  5. To clarify, it DID work until I disassembled the feeder assembly to clean it (because the tube and the feeder motor gears/thread were just caked in it. I didn't completely take apart the extruder, I only undid the thumb screws so I could disconnect the tube for cleaning.. I am pretty sure I put everything back together correctly. The tension spring and clamping lever are in the correct spots and orientation.. But again, with all that taken off just staring at the base gear, it spins counter clockwise when trying to feed (which actually is unloading!) but clockwise when unloading (which is actu
  6. I have a UM2 (I think. The printer says its a UM2 but the feeder motor casing is white, not the black). It worked fine until I updated the firmware in Cura, now when trying to feed it unwinds, and when trying to unwind it feeds. I have tried flashing firmware for every UM2 model to see if I had the wrong one. Still nothing. I even tried https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin and STILL nothing worked. What can I do to fix this?
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