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  1. ok, I solved the camera focus issue but still having issues with stringing on the way back from the microswitch (this is not passive drooping, the machine is actively extruding on the way back) below is the code I'm using. any pointers would be appreciated file = open("processed_code.txt", "w") with open("to_process_code.txt") as gcode_file_original: contents = gcode_file_original.readlines() for line in contents: line = str(line) hit = line.find("LAYER:") if hit != -1: line = line + "\n" + "G10" + "\n" + "G0 X200 Y218" + "\n" + "G0 X223 Y218" + \ "\n" + "G4 S03" + "\n" + "G0 X200 Y218" + "\n" + "G11" + "\n\n" print(line) file.write(line) else: line = line print(line) file.write(line) I added the G10 and G11 thinking it will solve the issue. the machine still extrudes on the way back
  2. Hi all, this took longer than I initially thought. life got in the way. but here is my first run with the modified Gcode Things to fix Fix the camera focus Add "Retract", and "Unretract" at each layer stop to prevent the long oozing but all in all, I like the effect ?
  3. thanks @gr5 and @ctbeke learning a lot, and making good progress. I'll be sure to post if I run in to a roadblock ?
  4. fantastic tip. looking at the gcode in a text editor, I can easily write a Python script to spit out a new text file with the extra lines added. would be lovely to import that as a Cura plugin though I have written python scripts in the past for comparing and renaming files in a folder and such. but never written a Cura plugin. is there a getting started guide anywhere? alternatively some sample code I can look at? yes. on all time-lapse videos, you can see the print head wissing about. I think that looks quite distracting. if I take each picture with the printhead parked in the corner, I think it would look quite nice. it's an idea, will see how it goes ?
  5. Hi All, Long time reader, first-time poster. Is there a way I can get Cura to add few extra lines of Gcode after each layer. preferably after the z hop after the layer finish. I'm trying to trigger a microswitch after each layer by bumping it with the printhead assembly The code I require to be added is something along the lines of G1 F1350 X100 Y10 ; get the print head into a position so it doesn't approach the microswitch in a different angle every time G1 F1350 X120 Y10 ; bump against the microswitch lever square on G4 S03 ; wait 3 seconds with the microswitch triggered I'm using Cura V 3.3.1 Kind regards, BuxZED
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