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  1. Á! Egy magyar! Zsír! Szevasz! ? Well, I took a look on your post but hardly understand what this does. :) The model is not too complex right now, the standard owl, no support. Probably I will give it a try tomorrow, I'll let you know my findings. And thanks!
  2. Hi! I red somewhere on the "infill layer thickness" but can't find it again. It was about Cura might not work as it should be. Here it is: I set up a print with 0.1 layer height and 0.2 "infill layer thickness". I can clearly see every second layer gets infill printed in. This works for up to 40% infill, I can see a reduction in printing time, this is what I am looking for. BUT beyond 40% infill Cura behaves strange. It "prints" infill with same direction every two layers, then changing orientation. Which means now all layers have infill printed, printing time again
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