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  1. The downloadable update is only temporarily not available. Online update is still possible.
  2. Can you provide more details so that the problem can be understood better. To what version did you update, since this update is a special one, actually two updates are required. The first update is the stable 4.3.96, after installation it should show a newer version in the stable menu 5.2.8. Then did you slice your models again with the latest Cura version or what version are you using?
  3. Hi Alexander, If you are downloading the files on a Windows machine it could be that you have "hide extension for known filenames enabled" and therefore you are not viewing the proper extension and it could be you saved it with the wrong extension. If i download the latest version now, my filenames are correct. Since you are doing a long print we can at least test the following without updating the printer yet: - If you are running Windows, make sure you have "extensions turned on", see: http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/26/ or https://www.thewindowsclub.com/show-file-exten
  4. Hi Alexander, From you screenshots it looks like you are behind some sort of proxy that requires a login (" "). Are you on a network that requires a login before using the internet, e.g when using your phone? And how did you proceed downloading the latest firmware for the UM3, i.e. what files did you put on the USB stick from where? Kind regards, Raymond.
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