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  1. So, out of curiosity, how do you load your filament? Do you pull up on the lever and pass material in, then use the motor power to get it to the head? Or do you use the motor power to feed it in from the start using the "load" option in material settings? Given the wear pattern is on the side of the lever, I have a suspicion that, at least on our machine, it may have worn during loading/unloading when someone inserted the filament not aligned with the bearing. Hard to say for sure in my case because the printer is in an academic lab and sees a lot of hands constantly loading/unload
  2. Curious to know how your printer is working, and if you have any updates on your recycling project. I had the same issue, and noticed the same wear marks on the tension lever, and also the top of the feeder housing before the filament goes into the bowden tube. I finally contacted the NA support, fortunately the printer was under warranty, and replaced the feeder. No problems now! (Thanks to the folks at the NA customer support for helping me get my printer running super quickly)
  3. Sorry, found this thread after posting: Seems to be the same issue.
  4. Hey folks! I realize this is something of a common problem, I'm hoping I've got a little twist on it. So sometime in the last couple weeks I noticed our printer (a UM3E) started randomly failing prints by stopping extruding. I looked at the filament and found a nice little divot ground into it from the drive gear. Instantly thought "oh, my feeder tension must be off," so I started playing with it, but never fixed the problem. So I started looking at other things: cleaned the hot end who knows how many times, switched out the bowden tubes, cleaned the feeder assembly, etc. Checked everything on
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