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  1. Hi @Harry Plotter, I can figure it out! thank you so much for your help! will upload the video soon Best, Zaqi
  2. Hi @Harry Plotter, I can figure it out! thank you!!!! will post the video soon! Best, Zaqi
  3. Hi Daniel @Harry Plotter, I am coming back to you.. Thanks for your super explanation. It really helps me a lot. ? So, unfortunately, I am still have a "request" problem. It said that no module named 'request'. Does it means I should install 'request' module to my computer? Again, thanks in advanced, best, zaqi
  4. Hi @Harry Plotter, Thanks for your reply.. First of all, I am super beginner of this stuff, I am sorry if I asked stupid question ? So, I already did your step by step. However, how to activate the timelapse? where should I write the Host, Delay, and Output? I attached print screen of the problem. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you very much, Best, Zaqi
  5. Hi, @Harry Plotter thank you for your step by step tutorial.. however I am getting confused in step 6 upward. I still stuck with the "request" not installed. Could you teach me how to do in cmd program as you mention in the tutorial? thankyou very much for your help. Best, Zaqi
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