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  1. You're right, and I'm definitely going to do this more often now on my personal stuff. I have projects saved on previous critical items, but it's nice to have a few stable generic profiles that print well for people who aren't yet at the Jedi level. Especially in a student setting with multiple printers types across a bot farm.
  2. I upgraded from the previous version just now and lost a material and a profile with no warning. Technically the profile just has totally different settings, so maybe lost is not the correct word for it, but the material profile is definitely gone. It's getting to the point that when there is an update, I dread installing it because I have to spend time "fixing" everything that Cura lost or no longer considers valid. I keep a computer running 3.6 just because I have a ton of dialed in settings and custom printers printing beautifully that I don't want messed with. It lo
  3. Hey, I am looking for the same information as Hambinex. Is there a way to add per model retraction, or any other parameters that are not already in the per model settings panel? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Found the zip under AppData ->Roaming ->Cura in case anyone else does this in Windows. ratchet
  5. Is there a way to get back your configurations after the error assistant deletes all your custom printers and settings? The configuration error assistant said two of my configurations were bad and wanted to reset them. It did not specify anything other than the name of the printer config, and since it was two that I didn't use much I told it to reset them, but (and a warning would be nice) it totally reset Cura as if it were a brand new install and removed all printer configs and profiles. Not cool. ratchet
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