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  1. I'm downloaded Cura 4.4.1 for Linux. It hangs on startup. Here's a screenshot and a couple of log files (.local/cura/stderr.log and .local/cura/cura.log. I've has this problem since version 3.6 (worked okay). stderr.log cura.log
  2. Yep - that's it. It's an old NVIDIA GT218 with a GeForce 8400 that supports OpenGL 2.1 - I guess it's time to upgrade! Thanks for the info.
  3. Hi, I'm new to Cura. I'm running Cura 3.6 from the appimage (Ultimaker_Cura-3.6.0.AppImage) on Ubuntu 18.04 and I also don't have a play button. I do not have compatibility mode forced in the General settings. As far as I can tell OpenGL is enabled and the few tests that I've tried all work. Could this be because I'm running from the appimage and the necessary libraries are missing?
  4. I have two Ubuntu 18.04 systems: an Asus-X551M and a Dell-N7010. Cura-3.4.0.AppImage "Toolbox->Browse" packages works on the Dell but not the Asus. The same for Cura-3.4.1.AppImage. Very weird.
  5. just fired up the 3.4.0 appimage on my Ubuntu 18.04 system and it worked so something is less broken.
  6. Ah - so you did - your post was lost in one of my searches for "cura AND connect" - I will wait for 3.4 to appear in the PPA.
  7. Looks like at least 2 of us have this problem. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about which version is causing this problem. I am currently using Cura 3.1.0 - this error occurred when I tried Cura-3.4.0.AppImage which I picked up at https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-cura-software. I think the multiple forks are what's causing the problem.
  8. well - as I said I was looking for the keywords "cura" and "connect" which yielded a boatload of hits most of which didn't apply. The search page suggested I try using the operator "AND" as in "cura AND connect" - I did as suggested. That yielded another boatload of results most of which were useless in one way or another. All of this isn't the problem - the PROBLEM is that now the search page is suggesting that I try "cura AND AND AND connect" among other possibilities. I started all this from https://community.ultimaker.com/
  9. I went to Toolbox -> Browse Packages and received the diagnostic Could not connect to the Cura Package database. Please check your connection. There is nothing wrong with my "[internet] connection" so I don't understand this diagnostic. I'm using Cura 3.4.0 on Ubuntu 18.04
  10. I tried searching for "cura AND connect" which didn't work too well. The suggestion under the search box was The phrase "cura AND connect" cura AND AND AND connect Newest results first cura AND connect in content titles only which suggests to me that the AND didn't work because it suggested "... AND AND AND ..." which is ridiculous.
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