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  1. @gr5 - dev mode FTW! ? That did the trick and I just SCP'ed the entire griffin folder to my laptop - thanks again for your help! ?
  2. Thank you, @nallath! I went to the /printers URL and detached the printer from the group (no idea why it's been part of a group to begin with), then I confirmed on UM5 touchscreen to allow Cura Connect access and now the web UI is displaying printer details & the cam live stream. However, the Cura desktop app simply crashes when I attempt to re-add the printer via IP address (after typing in the address). The crash log is attached and a brief glance seems to hint at some proxy query... cura-crash.log
  3. @gr5 - yes, thank you - I'm on OSX and very familiar with SSH, but with the printer I only get "connection refused" errors. The IP address is correct though, since I can connect to it via HTTP and can see the web UI in the browser. Will have to check later if the Developer mode setting is enabled, might not be the case... thanks for the tip & I will report back asap!
  4. Hi, I've just setup my new UM5, and even though Cura (3.4) can see the printer and display firmware details, it can't seem to connect to it. The "Connect" button is disabled and a somewhat non-sensical explanation is shown: "This printer is not setup to host a group of Ultimaker 3 printers". See screenshot attached. Any ideas how to fix that?
  5. Hi @CarloK - thanks for clarifying. Would you be able to point me to a reference/tutorial how to do that? I've tried SSHing to take a look, but can't seem to connect and can't find anything related to UM5 on the website... thanks!
  6. Hi @SandervG - is that firmware also somewhere available on Github?
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