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  1. It apears that no matter what parameter I change, he only hides or soften the problem. Checked the axis tensions, alignment, and everthing apears to be fine. All that I reads that makes some sense to this problem, only aplies if it apears in other slicers to. Runing out of ideas here ?.
  2. Yes, almost the same time. After compare settings and adjust, Cura is one minute faster. Another thing I noticed, is that Cura does much more drastic moviment changes, so I tried slowing even more, but got the same results. I´m now testing the flow rate, reduced 0.7% and got better results, but i´m not certanty that it is the problem, and if it is, why dosn´t happen on S3D.
  3. Hi everyone ?‍♂️ I buyed my first 3d printer two weeks ago, a Ender 3 model. I'm reading a lot about 3d printing, and of course, I printed many things. Everything is fine, just for one thing, that I think is about some tuning in Cura. I'm having this strange patterns outside of my prints, showed in the image atached file. The one in right is printed in Cura 3.3.1, using Draft Settings, and the other was printed in Slimplify3D using default medium configuraton. The only change in both was on the Nozzle and Bed temperatura, and the prints was made with PLA. At the begnning I thinked the problem could be on the printer assembly, im some axis or anything like that, but the test im other software resulted in a clean printing. I realy prefer Cura. For this S3D test I needed a friends help, so I tried many settings on Cura for resolve this (speed, shell parameters, etc), but at this point I need a help.
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