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  1. Thanks for the reply, I will hold off on dismantling our Cura Connect group for one or two more updates to Cura and if the dialog box doesn't return, I will break out each printer on it's own and figure out some new method that works for beginners as well as more experienced users.
  2. Some do care about color but we use large rolls of ColorFabb filament that aren't official Ultimaker Filament so we just use the generic PLA choice. Wouldn't they otherwise have add each printer individually and then pick the exact color they wanted on that specific printer if they didn't know any better? My goal running the Makerspace is to lower the hurdles so people can get on the machines easier and not have to get into the details of which printer is which IP and are they in a workgroup or not. This update seems like a step backwards to me in that sense but obviously I do not know all the factors or requirements that go into displaying that dialogue box after you hit "Print over network". I would hope that this feature could be added back if possible but if some of the people at Ultimaker acknowledge that they don't understand the logic of having this option then maybe I need to rethink how we are doing things in our space.
  3. Is there a chance this feature will be added back or are we stranded with Cura 4.2.1? Also, any idea why it needed to be removed?
  4. This is a university makerspace. New users can just connect to the host and then can print or monitor the 4 printers. Each printer has a different color filament and some have glass beds, some have flexible beds, so if you are printing something and want the same color filament again, you just select that printer. If you don't care, you can just select automatic. What is the option you are suggesting? What do you mean as a group of one? Would they need to add each printer individually with its own IP address? Not saying your idea isn't feasible, just trying to figure out the logistics. Printers
  5. I saw in the GitHub bug reporting that this feature was intentionally taken out. For our use case, there is no point in having them on the network if we can't select the printer.
  6. Updated to 4.3, we have 4 UM3 on a network group run by a single host. In 4.2 and previous when you selected Print Over Network, you then had a choice of automatic or you could choose a specific printer. That option is now missing in 4.3, hopefully that can be added back with a patch? As it stands now, it just starts printing on a printer without giving you a choice.
  7. I am running into this same problem of having to remove, add and then connect my group of 4 printers each time I launch Cura. This is not acceptable and still has not been addressed. I am going back to Cura 3 until it is fixed.
  8. I am finding this issue as well. In Cura 4 I have to go to Preferences / Printers / "Connect via Network" every time. If I close Cura, I have to do it again each time. This does not occur in Cura 3.
  9. Since this is the first search result for "Ultimaker 3 USB not recognized" I will put my discovery here. UM3 does not recognize sticks formatted as exFAT. If your stick isn't showing up, try formatting it to MS-DOS FAT32.
  10. At what point am I allowed to post to this forum? I posted a question about renaming a group of printers and I am still awaiting it to get approved for 2 weeks! I have an account in good standing, email address, etc. What am I missing? Thanks, Tom Lum
  11. We are running the newest stable firmware and Cura. I can''t find a way to rename our printers in the group of 4. The rename option is greyed out and it only displays the host printer as well, no other printers can be brought up in the menu described here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52029-manage-printers Thanks for any help. Tom
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