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  1. Hi Jeremy, It's unfortunate that you ran into this issue. Without any logs it's hard to know exactly what is going on, but there is at least one actions that might solve your problem; Resetting Digital Factory on your S5 will be a surefire way to ensure the grouping feature is turned off. However this will mean that you will have to reconnect your S5 to the network, and you will loose all data on the machine (Print history, print data on the dashboard, etc) If the problem persists after this, or resetting is not an option for you, we kindly ask you to add the logs
  2. Hi David, I am glad to hear that you enjoy our Cura Connect application. Unfortunately we try to avoid tweaking of the firmware in order to be able to service your machine when you run into problems. Your feedback does makes sense thought, but I would like to know a bit more about your situation if I may (get into the context and whatnot) Could you tell me how an image of the end results (Completed or not) impacts your actions when you are not in the office? Does an incomplete print job makes you rush to the office earlier in order to restart it? Do y
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