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  1. Hi, I have a question based on the slicer. It's possible to enable in the slicer the angle/tangent of the extruder to get the direction and use 1 servo motor to execute this ? Ignoring the lateral blades, this is possible ? Thanks.
  2. The double amount of material for the same distance is equal to slow speed of x/y for the same speed of extruder.. I don't understand why is not increased the speed of extruder maintaining x/y speed..
  3. But If I increase the flow from 100% to 200% the speed is 2x less....
  4. OK. It's possible to increase the amount of concrete? 73.3386 / T.
  5. Hi, I use cura for my CONCRETE printer. I need to know where is possible to configure the extruder (motor) speed independent of the xyz axis: G1 F1980 E0 << retraction is ok (10mm/s) G1 F600 X110.419 Y137.472 E73.3386 << Here I have the same speed for xyz and E axis I need to create a indepent value for E ... it's possible on cura ? Thanks.
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