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  1. A legit one, of course - wouldn't buy Chinese knockoffs w/o chip, heater and sensor.
  2. I bought a complete printcore set on eBay, but I need the AA ones only. So I have an absolutely new and unused (in its original packing) UM 3 BB 0.4 print core for sale - 80 € plus shipping would be fine. Location is Berlin, Germany.
  3. Hi, Looks like I had messed up some settings: Printing something with two colors (UM3) was no problem - until the day before yesterday. Imagine: Head 1 white filament, head 2 blue filament. Printing a white square, 5 mm thick, a blue triangel in its center, 2 mm thick. The layout (in Tinkercad) is perfect. Las week it has been printed perfectly -- front a white square with an embedded blue triangel, back all white. Now (and I don't know why) the first layer is being printed completely by head 1 -- although it's printing the triangel seperately as if it would have liked to
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