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  1. Good evening everyone! I just received my new prusa i3 mega from Anycubic, and after some test prints and tuning settings, I wanted to print this statue: As you can see, for whatever reason, Cura decided that I need support on top of the model, not below it, which appears a little weird to me. I didn't change any settings before loading this model in, and I don't have a single clue what could be the reason for this. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks a bunch and have a great evening!
  2. Alright, I tried again with 225C and it looks almost the same, there's not a huge difference between the first and the second try, although it looks slightly better, but since my cooling fan is still broken and replacement will only arrive tomorrow, the bottom warped quite a bit. I also discovered that I printed with 0.2, not 0.1mm layer height, and I'll try again with 0.1mm layer height at 40mm/sec at 225C
  3. I have the Prusa i3 from Anycubic. Here is a link if you want to check it out. I did not know, that for faster speed you'll need more heat, that's really nice to know, thanks! If I remember correctly, the Prusa i3 should be able to handle up to 60mm/sec, but I always had a little problem with that so currently I am printing with 40mm/sec at 190C, since the filament suggested temperatures between 180C - 210C Should I simply up it to 225C and see how it turns out then? Or should I maybe also decrease the speed? Thinner layers are not possible, this one was already prin
  4. Good morning everyone! Recently, I had this problem more and more often, and I don't know where it comes from. I printed a portal themed Deck Case for Magic the Gathering cards, and this is how it turned out: As you can see, significant parts of the walls are simply missing. Sometimes its one or two layers sometimes there are more. Even though it still works, it looks simply horrible. I doubt, that it's the model itself, but if anyone wants to check that here it is: CompCubeSingleDeckBoxBase.stl I really have no clue due to what reason something like th
  5. Good evening everyone! I made a Box for Magic the Gathering Cards in 123d Design and exported it using the "Fine" setting When I tried to load it into Cura (3.4), I got this Error: 2018-07-06 17:58:42,718 - ERROR - [Thread-3] UM.Logger.logException [85]: AssertionError: File too large, got 2015675263 triangles which exceeds the maximum of 10000000 I'm very confused, why the stl File has so much triangles, and how to reduce them. The line is from when I exported it, using the "Coarse" Settings, and even that was way too big. The file itself has about 2mb I will att
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