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  1. ISSUE: Installed SolidWorks 2021 and re-installed the plugin, with the macro in SW. I used to have SW2015 and when i clicked on the macro it moved anything i had highlighted or selected into Cura, but now it tries to export the whole model, all parts, not just the one i have highlighted/selected. What am i doing wrong?
  2. Care to explain how those work, and maybe copypaste a line for me to work on.
  3. For some reason v4.6.1 Cura tries to "even out" temperature before starting a print. My firmware controls temps for me. How do i remove ALL temp codes from the g-code? Deleting each manually is not an option.
  4. Niiiice. These settings look like they do the thing. Big thx, once again.
  5. Lowering flow or printing higher wont work. That just reduces the contact surface. I want to have the wall-lines wider/further apart from each other, like the infill in the pic is. I want to then add over-extruding that will squish the filament down to addhere better. The infill comes in perfect, but the walls are too close and overlap. I hope you understand what im trying to do here.
  6. How hard would it be to implement the ability to merge models, or select certain walls, or even just polygons to fyzzy? EDIT: i'd be willing to go an extra mile for the end-result. Even if the UI was a bit complex or "odd" to use.
  7. Umm... Show me how to merge stuff. As seen in the settings, "union, etc" is ON and the parts still "mix up" and overlap. Not like the bunnies in the video. Those parts are duplicates of each other. Is that a bad thing? The bunnies were dupes too if im not mistaken. Ok, lets focus first on the merging parts. I think there is something wrong on my end. PS: huge thx for helping me out.
  8. Pic added. See how the infill is. I want THAT on my walls and everything else, but only in the first layer.
  9. FOUND IT! There is seems the "bunnies" or their shells are merged perfectly. How do i do that? https://youtu.be/HhWnIzee3dU?t=156
  10. My first layer tends to overlap. If increase "line width" to 200%, cura will try to widen the print to that. If i increase layer height, once again cura tries to compensate by extruding more. What i want is to do the "200% line widths" but with and actual "100% width" leaving gaps between every line. These i would then over-extrude and fill via that way, gaining good adhesion.
  11. There is/was a youtube video of someone "merging" bunny-models with several slicers, and cura just merged them "as it should" seamlessly. I'l see if i can find it... I'm trying to achieve THAT but with the added mix of fuzzying certain part. Even if the "fuzzy insert part" gets fuzzied all over it wont hurt, BUT it needs to connect the walls seamlessly. It would be fairly easy for me to draw small cuts into the model, if i could define what faces were to be fuzzied by clicking on them in the Cura UI. I could make those faces stand out for easier spotting from the rest of the model.
  12. Raft prints at 0/180 & 90 decrees. Is there a way to make the second layer (i skip the last) to 45 decrees? Part too large, cant turn part. Wont fit in my bed if i turned it.
  13. I've tried both. Havent been able to get them to work. "Why?" was this thanged and is it a bug or intentional? As mentioned, unknown previous version had two parts merge. It may have been 3.6 as i used that quite a lot. Sadly it very early version of fuzzy that worked very badly.
  14. This may work with heavily overlapping parts, like the two squares in the example. Mine is a bit more complicated construction. Im trying to a make a "grip" with certain surfaces fuzzy-skinned. If i export the 2 parts, the fuzzy skin dissapears from the second part. Also the exporting seems to miss-align the parts couple of times leaving holes in em. Overalapping parts used to merge just nicely in an older version, cant remember what it was tho... Is the change intentional or a bug?
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