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  1. Ookkey, here is the project-file. I hope this gets into the next update. Or the "regular" infill thickness can be changed. Eighter way would do for me. ODST supressor..3mf
  2. Tried both ways. The bugged bits change but are present.
  3. 3.5 has bugs in spaghetti. Seems 2 walls has "least" bugs. Up that to 3 and things explode. EDIT: Kinda hilarious, even the mighty Bondtech starts to tear into the filament when im ramming it in 0.9mm layers out of a 0.6 nozzle at 200mms. Even at 230c it wont melt fast enough and yes, i have the volcano.
  4. EDIT: Forgot, this is on 3.4.1 I will test 3.5 and get back to you. MAJOR BUG found in spaghetti infill. I finally found a nice settings that work with spaghetti and do what the initial target was, but the spaghetti is broken, baaad. Once a more complex than a test-cube is sliced, it makes random spot of infill into gigantic. Different flow, inset and extra volume -settings change how messed up it is but there doesnt seem to be a "trick" to getting a clean print. Kinda sad, i printed the test-cube at hilarious rate and it all looked so good.
  5. PROGRESS! Its somehow connected to the pattern! Triangles seem to be able to do once every 2 layers but "lines" "grid" and "Zig Zag" can only do every 1 layer. I'd say those three are the only patterns "viable" for good 100% (or 99%) infill. Infill crossing over existing ones is meant for less than 100% infilled models and doing fat lines that cross over existing lines would end up in bumps. So, the question now is: How do i make lines, grid or zigzag every 2-3 layers? ?
  6. Can you install the normal version and give it a quick test? Does it show in the preview on master, i'd imagine it does or should. If its a problem with this version, i can give it rest for a while and/or make a topic on github. I need to ficure out if its MY settings, this current version or something else.
  7. My god this plugin is GODLIKE!! TOPTIP: Isolate one part in a big assembly or multi-part. Click on one surface and press CTRL+A to select all faces/surfaces, then click the macro-button. That ONE part goes to cura, niiiicely without saving a bazillion STL-files manually.
  8. 99/100% Infill? Post me a project-file with your settings in it. I wanna see what i have different.
  9. The experimental "spaghetti" infill can be done per X-layers but its quite... Umm... "messy"
  10. It doesnt seem to work in the "preview" I'm doing 0.15 layers and 99% infilled and 0.3 infill layers. It still shows doing infills at every layer.
  11. I have a large'ish nozzle I do 100% infilled parts I do low .2 wall layers Doing infills every layers is kinda pointless. Takes LOTS of time and since i do 0.2mm (or lower) layers i could infilling every 2-3 layers and it would still look good and be durable. I did this back when i was using Simplify3D and it worked... But as we know, S3D is, well... Poopy. "Infill layer thickness" -option doesnt seem to do much of anything even if doubled or tripled. It still does infilling every layer.
  12. I do believe my printer was added as a custom one. That file-format is not familiar to me. Cura.log has some errors in it, all klingon to me. I need to wait for my current print to end before i can test the temp-settings.
  13. Tried setting it to UM2. Then back to Marlin. No temp control. The settings tied to its visibility still taunt me in the list. Installed the plugin. Settings now visible. Writing all in caps is "shouting" but did i write "all" in caps? No. I was hoping to point an importan part out so people focus on that instead of something else.
  14. I tried EVERY flavor of g-code. The "nozzle temperature control" is for reason unkown been hidden. EDIT: My intent was not to be aggressive. Apologies.
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