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  1. There is a gap only on the extruder 1, which is PLA on a 0.25mm nozzle. Throughout the model, the horizontal lines are very peculiar, i see small gaps between the layers, and its brittle. the cylindrical model got split in 2 smaller cylinders when i tried to take it out of the bed.
  2. Hi I am using a 0.25mm Ultimaker print core, 0.1mm layer hieght, and 0.12mm initial layer hieght, a 100% infil, 210C temperature (Material specifies 200C to 220C), Fan speed at 50%, speed at 30mm/s and no prime tower enabled. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi the print is very brittle, I am using InnoFil3D PLA and Ultimaker PVA. I have an Ultimaker 3 as well, using the same filaments, but the prints come out to be perfect. I see some gaps between the layers on my S5 prints. I have attached an image of it. Thanks
  4. Hi folks The build plate of my brand new Ultimaker S5 undergoes active leveling before each print. It results in either of my 2 extruders over or under extruding. Is there a way i can disable this active levelling process before each print, as i personally prefer manual leveling. The prints doesnt look that cool compared to the price i paid for this printer. Hope there is a solution to this.
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