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  1. Thanks for the hint. Based from the information a read previously (see https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20996-gcode-flavours-reprap-vs-ultigcode) I would heve used "UltiGCode" as the flavor for the UM2GO. What are the advantages of using "Marlin" instead?
  2. Thanks for the answers. Indeed printrun looks like a matching solution, but unfortunately the link http://koti.kapsi.fi/~kliment/printrun/ is not active anymore (already found some information on Github or http://www.pronterface.com/ as well, but also there the same URL is used... ? ). Octoprint or Atlasprint are no option as well, as we need a Windows based solution. We also had a look at repetier.com, but didn't find a command line option as well... A bit more background information to explain what we are doing. Our main functionality is transferring and storing files anonymously. As part of a demo, we are transferring a .gcode file over several instances, which should be printed at the end (using a Win10 device). Therefore the print should start as soon as the .gcode file is stored in a pre-defined directory.
  3. Hi, as part of a showcase installation we need a simple way how to start the printout of an existing .gcode file (previously created using the Cura application) on a UM2Go printer (connected via USB cable) via a batch script or program. As the print should start in the background (as soon as the .gcode-file is transferred to and stored in a defined directory), we can’t use the normal Cura application. Does anyone know of a Windows(10) executable, script or other options to start printing a .gcode-file in the way described? Thanks in advance, Kai
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