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  1. Your upper flange looks wider than the lower, hence the need of a supporting wall there.
  2. Hi and welcome I think you also need to adjust support X/Y value due to the slope. My first example Z is set to zero and X/Y default Cura calculated value Adjusting X/Y value will close the gap. (I wouldnt go to zero gap though, usually difficult to remove support then)
  3. @ctbeke Dont know if this is useful for you but had the machine turned off a longer period last week (thunderstorms and several power outages). When I restarted it I could see it had renewed the IP adress and now I can connrct to the job queue again.
  4. Thanks. As long as it works through SD card I'll wait patiently 😉
  5. Thanks for responding, attached are all the log file dumped to USB UM3_logs.zip
  6. Used geometric sequence to calculate but arithmetic might have been better.
  7. Today I printed 600 grams of PETG scrap... Miscalculated how much was on the roll and found the printer printing 5 mm in the air this morning. Made a label to show approximate length remaining so I hope this was the last time. ( Rounded the values so it might look some irregular)
  8. Suddenly I cant access the print queue, neither from the monitor in Cura nor through browser. I can access the default page through the browser and read temperatures so I know I'm connected. Printer is connected through LAN cable. I believe I have the latest firmware Have tested both Cura 4.0 and 4.2.1, same results Trying to access print jobs through browser ends with error message "502 Bad Gateway" Cura says there is nothing in queue but I have sliced and sent job over network. I have done a Cura connect reset from the printer Also hard reboot by shutting off power but nothing seems to work Only option now to print is through USB flash drive. Any ideas what to test?
  9. Is it a flat surface? Ironing has little, or no, visible effect on a curve surface. Depending on your model, you might get better result by de-selecting "Iron only highest layer" I use standard cura settings for ironing with PLA
  10. Welcome to the forum I cannot save in x3d in my Creo version but as in most tessellated formats in Creo you probably can, and must, set the chord height. Set it as low as your model accuracy allows and try again. Also check if you have any options to set export units. Otherwise, try the good old stl format but dont forget to set chord height.
  11. Great that it was that easy (took a while for me to figure out to be honest)👍 Top surface, make sure your top thickness is about 6x layer height else it might sink between infill pattern. Ironing is a great feature to use on flat surfaces to enhance appearance. Enable that under Shell settings. For most materials default values are good but I normally reduce the flow to 5% when running PET to avoid lumps.
  12. Hi The shapes of those holes looks just like mine did a month ago. All screws to the motor had gone loose so just tightened them and it was all good again.
  13. Done a few as you describe it but never had any issues. Just one thing I remembered from another field, make sure you have no interference between the different parts. That can create a mess in many different applications.
  14. If you dont want to cast, try TPE (my choice would be silicone though). Less grippy than silicone and less wear resistant than PU but a good alternative. PP is almost like PET so not grippy at all. TIp for @geert_2 : If you want to cut or machine PU, put it in the freezer or use CO2. Makes life a lot easier 😎
  15. You mean °C and not °F, right? Cant see your images but you need to show your results to get better answer. Often when you see pictures of great quality models they are the result of hours of post-processing, like sanding and acetone smoothing.
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