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  1. AndersK

    Underside Support Surfaces

    Did you enable support interface? By using a support roof you should get a lot better result than that. This is with 1mm support roof at 0,5 mm distance, bonds a bit but breaks away with some "persuasion"
  2. AndersK

    "Easiest" soft/flexiable material

    You could also do a combination of the materials. First print the base with TPU then a fairly thin top shell of PLA. You'll get the flexibility and great details. To have them bond well I would model "anchors" in the PLA part. (Assuming you have dual extruders)
  3. AndersK

    Print Time and Material Usage

    I do the same too often, thats why I knew 😉
  4. AndersK

    Print Time and Material Usage

    Do you have dual extruders? If you set part to print with extruder 1 but select extruder 2 in cura and change settings it wont change. In this pic I have set 1% infill and to print with extruder 1, selected extruder 2 and set to 100%. As you can see it will still give 1% infill.
  5. Is your center fan running? Sounds like the same problem I encountered. No matter how many hot- and cold pulls I did resolved it. Manual move was ok (fingers are stronger than the feeder) New wire printed a minute or two before it stopped and started grinding. Happened to both cores. Luckily I found a replacement fan on Farnell delivered next day. Still waiting for one to be sent on warrranty by my supplier since Jan 17.... Does your filament looks like this when you pull it out from the core (thickened):
  6. AndersK

    Support structure offset

    Makes sense, have only done one test print so far with PVA but intend to try it more on some prints that will be a nightmare to clean if using non dissolvable material.
  7. AndersK

    Support structure offset

    Thx, found it. Any benefit from having that expansion when using PVA? (Value came from the built in profile for Generic PVA)
  8. AndersK

    Support structure offset

    Can anyone point out which setting makes the support being built outside geometry when using PVA? If I set extruder 2 to PLA it looks like second pic. First pic is PLA + PVA (purple) Second is PLA both (Brim is PVA):
  9. Guess how my day was.... Have gutted my print head. Constant blocked print cores was driving me nuts. Could print only a few minutes then extrusion stopped. Couldn't move material manually either. Cold and hot pull and it was fine, for a minute or two. Found that end of filament swelled causing the stops. The front fan has stopped working. Its not seized but won't run, not even with an external 5V power source. Waiting for a replacement fan now, none in stock of course.
  10. AndersK

    Who can print this building for me?

    I might still have one of those tooth brushes somewhere 😉 Yes, would be great for architects. Surface finnish is very like what you get from glass blasted SLS
  11. AndersK

    Cleaning a clogged nozzle and broken filament

    Heat up a metal wire and push it into the filament as deep as you can. Let it cool down. Make a loop and try and pull it out. If it doesnt work you can also heat up the core and pull again. Have done this myself so I know its possible.
  12. AndersK

    Who can print this building for me?

    3D Systems have them (previously known as Z-Corp) https://www.3dsystems.com/3d-printers#full-color-3d-printers
  13. AndersK

    System Date & Time ?

    Sorry forgot that part, its an UM3 Ext. Something happened this night. Looks a bit odd when you perform maintenance and it says it was 49 years ago it was cleaned.😉
  14. AndersK

    System Date & Time ?

    Had a failed print last night and went to see if there was something in the logs to explain (printer had just stopped in the middle of the print, no visible error). Log says todays date is Jan 2 1970, and there are only entries from that date. Where can I set the correct date and time? Anything else I should be concerned about like why it has reset the date?
  15. AndersK

    Ultimaker 3: Firmware v4.3 | Stable version

    Is it the same firmware for Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended? Machine fail to download so I need to do manual upgrade but cant find any specific file for the extended version.

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