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  1. I have an issue with my UM3, test to set bed levelling frequency to "Always" thats the only way I can get mine to work. Others having similar issues say it wont matter for them though.
  2. Two things with thermistors 1. Use ridiculiously low torqe when locking them with the grub screw. 2. Secure the wires like in this picture. They break in no time at all if they can swing.
  3. Welcome to the forum There is a lot of settings regarding the support, in this case I altered the X/Y min distance to exaggerate the result. Reducing it brings it closer but can also be more difficult to remove later
  4. I've done some Nylon with carbon fibre with standard 0,4mm nozzle and that came out with a superb finnish. Parts were pressurised to 5 MPa and connected to a solenoid that reached about 100°C so I wouldnt say material properties were compromised by nozzle size. Didi it first in PETG with carbon fibre but it got too soft after a while and deformed under pressure so I know material properties was under strain in that application. Maybe glass fibre is different, never tried that
  5. First, make sure the filament is dry. PLA isnt that sensitive but if the material has been laying open a longer time it helps to dry it. If you have an enclosure you can just heat the bed to 60°C and leave the roll on it a coupple of hours. As dmyth said, small parts can suffer from insufficient cooling if layer print time is short. If you already run the fans at 100% try to print a few more of your model at the same time. That will allow them to cool down better. There are parameters in Cura that can control layer time as well but that is beyond my experience.
  6. It looks like you have a clogged nozzle, do a hot & cold pull to clear it. You'll find it under maintenance menu if I remember correct.
  7. Was looking up and down in Cura today for this, then reverted to forum and found this. Tried and works perfectly 👍 Thanks for your effort, appreciated
  8. TPU isnt the easiest material to print so dont give up To add to the other good advices you can also experiment with Z-seam settings . It wont remove the blobs completely but can spread them to avoid building antennas
  9. Try this setting to get your model sit flat on the ground plane: This is also a nice plugin I recommend, if you havent already installed it, written by Nallath. It will calculate best orientation for the model and orient it for you (you can change orientation manually anyway you want still)
  10. I have started to try Arc welder but getting some weird 1st layer behaviour. Tried two different model and the result is similar. If you look at the picture you see a strange pattern that is neither in the model nor visible in Cura preview. First try I did was worse than this, broke off what was supposed to be a continuous outer wall. This one I let run and it seem to fill ok.
  11. I have done a fair share of PETG printing (20-30 kg) and has given up on printing on glass, it just sticks to hard. Have changed to printing on PEI instead and that does magic. No need to fiddle with glue or anything to get a good match. Do yourself a favour and get the flexplate system from Build-Tak makes removal so much easier. The PEI sheets have been good with most materials I have used (PETG, PETG+Carbon fibre, PLA, TPU) Mixed results with Nylon+carbon fibre, some good some got loose. Failure might be due to getting lazy not cleaning the PEI after
  12. It looks like if I set levelling frequency to Always it resolve the issue on my machine. I'll do some more tests but if anyone else still have issues and test this, please report back Levelling manually or setting frerquency to Auto fails on every print on core 2
  13. I have an open support case with this problem and I asked the same but answer was theres nothing in the documentation saying 5.2.16 solves this issue.
  14. Working fine now 👍 Was same with the links in marketing emails being sent the past weeks. Good to have a face on Cloakfiend 😉
  15. Yes, to be connected to the tube. Wires dont like vibration 😉
  16. Not yet, but hope to place the order for it anyday now.
  17. I return empty spools and waste material (PLA only so far) to my supplier
  18. Thanks, I was browsing there but couldnt see the forrest because of all the trees 😉 Found it now
  19. Have you opened that support channel recently Sander? I knew it was coming and its greatly appreciated but havent seen it announced nor can I find a way to it appart from your link. Great news indeed. 👍
  20. I think the answer is in this thread, firmware is the problem
  21. I'm on the latest firmware and I can't recall it happening when I installed it. Might be worth getting back one step just to try.
  22. 2 years ago I sent such request about a print core, answer we will get back to you soon. Still waiting. One year ago a fan broke, still under warranty, answer we don't have any in stock but will send as soon we get them in. Still waiting... No need to say I went to other channels to get my parts but it's annoying and it stains Ultimates brand. Luckily there's a new reseller close to me now, that I know in person, so they will be getting all my request from now.
  23. I havent been at the office for a long time but yesterday I was in and had some time to fiddle with the printer. Ran diagnostics test of the bed sensor and it reported low performance. Found that both wires was broken, surprised that the test only reported low performance. Repaired them and diagnostics now looked good. However problem still persists. Tried to swap cores as suggested, core #2 still gets pushed hard into the plate preventing filament to be extruded. At least confirmed problem isnt the new core. Automatic levelling seems to be ok for both
  24. Yes, it would be so much easier if Ultimaker made all there official re-seller list all spare parts. Or even better, open their own after market webshop for spares.
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