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  1. Working fine now 👍 Was same with the links in marketing emails being sent the past weeks. Good to have a face on Cloakfiend 😉
  2. Yes, to be connected to the tube. Wires dont like vibration 😉
  3. Not yet, but hope to place the order for it anyday now.
  4. I return empty spools and waste material (PLA only so far) to my supplier
  5. Thanks, I was browsing there but couldnt see the forrest because of all the trees 😉 Found it now
  6. Have you opened that support channel recently Sander? I knew it was coming and its greatly appreciated but havent seen it announced nor can I find a way to it appart from your link. Great news indeed. 👍
  7. I think the answer is in this thread, firmware is the problem
  8. I'm on the latest firmware and I can't recall it happening when I installed it. Might be worth getting back one step just to try.
  9. 2 years ago I sent such request about a print core, answer we will get back to you soon. Still waiting. One year ago a fan broke, still under warranty, answer we don't have any in stock but will send as soon we get them in. Still waiting... No need to say I went to other channels to get my parts but it's annoying and it stains Ultimates brand. Luckily there's a new reseller close to me now, that I know in person, so they will be getting all my request from now.
  10. I havent been at the office for a long time but yesterday I was in and had some time to fiddle with the printer. Ran diagnostics test of the bed sensor and it reported low performance. Found that both wires was broken, surprised that the test only reported low performance. Repaired them and diagnostics now looked good. However problem still persists. Tried to swap cores as suggested, core #2 still gets pushed hard into the plate preventing filament to be extruded. At least confirmed problem isnt the new core. Automatic levelling seems to be ok for both
  11. Yes, it would be so much easier if Ultimaker made all there official re-seller list all spare parts. Or even better, open their own after market webshop for spares.
  12. Did you have support enabled when you printed that part? I always enable support interface. prints a solid slab which improves surface quality of suported areas. Depending on what support material used you might need to vary distance between support and part. Zero if using PVA, more if same as print. Below example is supporting TPU with PLA
  13. Check your export settings, I suspect you export in imperial units but Cura reads as in metric, 3/4" would then be 0,75mm. It doesnt look like you are using Autodesk products, they are known to export in wrong units. You probably also have Cura preferences set to scale tiny models. If Cura scales it will print at that scale.
  14. Just tried and it crashes, or hangs would be a better term, for me too if I have Cura on secondary display. No issues while on display 1. If I drag Cura to display one it release immedeately
  15. Interesting to read they are sintering in Hydrogen, trying to create a new Hindenburg are they? Would have expected to read Nitrogen or Argon
  16. There is a conductive material with graphene content, called Koltron G1. Never tried it, expensive but available also in small 100g rolls
  17. Are the temps set correct in Cura? (This is actually for PETG). You have four different settings to play with.
  18. I dont know the moisture limits for UM PVA, or if this is the only reason, but if stored in a room with 30% humidity a longer time it will break in the bowden. This is from my own experience. I would be worried about temperature cycling for the equipment though. That cold in the mornings would likely cause condensation
  19. Agree at some point, for the home use versions . They always shout "the wolf is coming" but this is enterprise version and actually the first warning I see in about 10 years...
  20. Getting security warnings when downloading Cura 4.6. Never gotten this before, is anything changed in the way you handle latest version ?
  21. Hi, you can get a lot better result if you enable Ironing (at the end of Shell tab) Depending on material you can get good results with 4-10% Ironing flow, begin with 5% and see how it works.
  22. 1. Clean the printcore with pla or cleaning filament. 2. Make sure the nylon is dry. If your printer is fully enclosed you can heat the bed to 60° and leave the roll in there for a coupple of hours. Moisty nylon is prone to clogging nozzles. You can also open the feeder to clean it. Last time I had problem with random under extrusions I opened it and found a small piece of filament that probably interfered at its own will. Be careful though, there's a spring inside that wants nothing else but jump out ejecting other parts...
  23. You should be able to get quite good quality on the walls with PETG on a UM3. Example here is a simple tool rack but coming out nice with most of the settings as of the cheat sheet.
  24. I use PEI sheet from Build Tak and they work well with active levelling. The standard build Tak works but the heated nozzle melts the surface during levelling leaving small craters
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