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  1. You replaced all those SMD parts? @gr5: Thanks for the info! I looked at eBay and Aliexpress but the only boards with sockets that I can find are RAMPS derivates. I could use one of those of course. So then the options are: Smoothieboard, but I'm having trouble finding out how to get a smoothieboard to connect with tmc2130's, and until the Smoothieboard 2 is out I can't buy a stock Smoothieboard with Trinamic drivers... Duetwifi: I'm researching if a DuetWifi would work well, seems people are using those boards with ultimakers. And it comes with Trinamic dri
  2. As you may know, Trinamic stepper motor drivers are a lot quieter than the original A4988 drivers, so I ordered a few tmc2130 boards. I thought there was a tutorial to do this (here: ) but that is for the UMO not the UMO+. So now I'm sitting at my desk with my umo+ and a few tmc2130 drivers... Does anyone know how to do this upgrade? Should I get a new board?
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